My Associate seems to be the same person as “My Shepherd” mentioned in the same verse. Since Jesus (Yeshua‘) quoted this verse when He warned His disciples that they would scatter when He was arrested,1 it seems likely that “My Associate” is another messianic name of Jesus.

The Man, My Associate (Gever amiti) pictured in the Hebrew text of Zechariah 13:7.

My Associate (Gever amiti) in the Hebrew text of Zechariah 13:7.

(The Man) My Associate in Hebrew:

(Gever) ‘amiti

Strong’s Concordance numbers: (1397) 5997

Bible reference: Zech. 13:7

“Awake, O sword, against My Shepherd,
And against the man, My Associate,”
Declares the Lord of hosts.
“Strike the Shepherd that the sheep may be scattered;
And I will turn My hand against the little ones.”
(Zechariah 13:7)

An alternative translation is, “the man who is close to me” (NIV). One Dead Sea Scroll2 has “the man loyal to me.”


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