Carpenter’s Son

Carpenter’s Son is a name used to distinguish Jesus from other men with similar names. The Hebrew name Yeshua‘ (Jesus) was common in Jesus’ time, so the Jews often added a distinguishing phrase. In this case it was a mention of His father, Joseph, by his occupation. Jesus had typical Jewish names as well as messianic names and names that signified His divine nature. So we read in the gospels of Jesus the Nazarene, son of Joseph, son of Mary, and Jesus the Galilean. One of Jesus’ own names was Jesus the Carpenter because he joined his father’s business.

The Greek word for carpenter, “tekton,” is more akin to the English word craftsman. It was used of people working with different materials including stonemasons. Since stone is very common in Israel, it is likely that Jesus and Joseph were more like general building contractors or masons.

"Isn't He the carpenter's son" pictured in the Greek text of Matthew 13:55. One of the names of Jesus.

“Isn’t He the carpenter’s son” in the Greek text of Matthew 13:55.

Carpenter’s Son in Greek:

Ho tou tektonos hyios

Strong’s Concordance numbers: 5045, 5207

Bible reference: Matt. 13:55

Isn’t this the carpenter’s son? Isn’t his mother’s name Mary, and aren’t his brothers James, Joseph, Simon and Judas? (Matthew 13:55 NIV)