Names of God including the word Christ.

Names of God including the word “Christ.”

Eleven names include the word “Christ.” For more information, click on the name.

Christ (see below)

Christ the Lord

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Jesus Christ the righteous

Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Lord Jesus Christ

Our glorious Lord Jesus Christ

Our God and Savior Jesus Christ

Spirit of Christ

Spirit of Jesus Christ




Our English word comes from the Greek word christos, which means “anointed one.” It is the exact equivalent of the Hebrew word mashiakh, which leads to the Greek, “messias,” and the English, “Messiah.”

The main message of Paul and other New Testament writers was that Jesus (Yeshua‘) was the Christ (Acts 9:22; 17:3; 18:5, 28). His point is obscured by the Greek and English terms—Jesus was the long expected Jewish Messiah. The fact that this title is better known in its non-Jewish forms testifies to how much God wanted to share His Messiah with the rest of the world.

The Christ pictured in the Greek text of Matthew 16:16.

The Christ in the Greek text of Matthew 16:16.

Christ in Greek:

Ho Christos

Strong’s Concordance number: 5547

Bible references: Matt.16:16; 26:63; Mark 14:61; John 4:29; 11:27

[Jesus] saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am?
And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.
(Matthew16:15-16 KJV)

Many names of Jesus include the word Christ. For instance: Jesus Christ and Lord Jesus Christ.