God of knowledge

“God of knowledge” is one of the descriptive names for God. It singles knowledge out from all the attributes of God. Unlike humans, God is not limited in His knowledge; He is all-knowing (“omniscient” is the older word). Supernatural knowledge is something that Jesus (Yeshua‘) demonstrated on several occasions. It is also one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

A name of God pictured in the Hebrew text: God of knowledge (El de‘ot) in 1 Samuel 2:3

God of knowledge (El de‘ot) in the Hebrew text of 1 Samuel 2:3

God of knowledge in Hebrew:

’El de‘ot

Strong’s Concordance numbers: 410, 1844

Bible reference: 1 Sam. 2:3

Hannah was so joyful when she took her miraculous son, Samuel, to serve in the temple that she sang a song exalting Yahweh (Jehovah). She declared several of His attributes and shouted at her enemies not to boast, because Yahweh is a God of knowledge. He knows everything His enemies do and will punish them.

Boast no more so very proudly,
Do not let arrogance come out of your mouth;
For the Lord is a God of knowledge,
And with Him actions are weighed.
(1 Samuel 2:3)

Other similar descriptive names of God are “One perfect in knowledge” and “Revealer of mysteries.” One Bible verse uses a name for the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord (Isa. 11:2).