God of my life

God of my life is one of the names for God that focuses on His relationships with His people. In this case, it may extend to all created life.

The underlying Hebrew word khai refers to a lifespan rather than eternity. God cares about our temporal existence. He is the source of life (Deut. 32:39; Job 12:10).

A name of God pictured in the Hebrew text: God of my life (El khayyai) in Psalm 42:8.

God of my life (El khayyai) in the Hebrew text of Psalm 42:8.

God of my life in Hebrew:

’El khayyai

Strong’s Concordance numbers: 410, 2416

Bible reference: Ps. 42:8

The Lord will command His lovingkindness in the daytime;
And His song will be with me in the night,
A prayer to the God of my life.
(Psalm 42:8)

The name “Living God” sounds similar but it describes another attribute of God—the fact that He is alive, active, and speaking in contrast to other gods that are impotent because they are lifeless. The names “God of all flesh” and “God of the spirits of all flesh” point to His relational commitment to all people. Some of the names of Jesus express the same idea; Jesus (Yeshua‘) is the Prince of life and the Word of life. He said I am the Bread of life and the resurrection and the life.