The Old Testament often calls God “My help” and other similar names in the context of His defense from enemies. The Hebrew word ‘ezra comes from ‘azar, which often denotes military help. King David had lots of experience of God helping him in practical ways. He readily called God “my Helper.” God helps His people in numerous ways throughout our lives.

My helper (Ozer li) pictured in the Hebrew text of Psalm 30:10. An Old Testament name of God.

My helper (Ozer li) in the Hebrew text of Psalm 30:10.

My Helper in Hebrew:

‘Ozer li

Strong’s Concordance number: 5826

Bible references: Pss. 30:10; 54:4

Hear, O Lord, and have mercy upon me: Lord, be thou my helper. (Psalm 30:10 KJV)

In some English New Testaments the Holy Spirit is called our Helper (instead of Comforter or Advocate).