Lord my Salvation

Lord my Salvation is one of many names of God that speak of His salvation. In this case, the uncommon title ’Adonai (“Lord” or “Master”) forms the stem of the name. God is the Lord and master of salvation.

’Adonai teshu‘ati, translated Lord my salvation and pictured in the Hebrew text of Psalm 38:22. One of the names of the Lord.

Lord my salvation in the Hebrew text of Psalm 38:22.

Lord my Salvation in Hebrew:

’Adonai teshu‘ati

Strong’s Concordance numbers: 136, 8668

Bible reference: Ps. 38:22

Make haste to help me, O Lord my salvation. (Psalm 38:22 KJV)

NIV has “my Lord and my Savior” in this verse.

Many similar names of God point to His salvation. Examples are: God is my Salvation, God of (my, our, his, your) Salvation, My Salvation, God their Savior, Horn of my Salvation, and Rock of my Salvation.