The Mighty One God the LORD

“The Mighty One God the LORD” is really one of the compound names for God that combine some of His primary names. In this case, ’El, ’Elohim, and Yahweh (Jehovah).

A name of God - Mighty One God the LORD (El Elohim Yahweh) pictured in the Hebrew text of Psalm 50:1.

Mighty One God the LORD (El Elohim Yahweh) in Psalm 50:1.


Hebrew Words for the Mighty One God the LORD:

’El ’Elohim Yahweh (Jehovah)

Strong’s numbers: 410, 430, 3068

Bible references: Josh. 22:22; Ps. 50:1

The Mighty One, God, the Lord, has spoken,
And summoned the earth from the rising of the sun to its setting. (Psalm 50:1)

Other Bible versions translate this name of God differently: “God of gods” (Josh. 22:22 KJV and the Message Bible, and Ps. 50:1 in the Message Bible). The word elohim seems to be rooted in ancient words for fear. It may well imply “might” and that is what the NASB translation of this compound name emphasizes.

Similar sounding names for God are formed with the Hebrew words ’Avir (Mighty One of Jacob/Israel), Gibbor (Mighty One), and ’Addir (Mighty One). In Luke, Mary used the name “Mighty One” when she praised God after the angel had announced that she would give birth to the Lord Jesus (Luke 1:49).