The Name Quest – Endorsements


“No one has ever met God completely or exhaustively. But God invites you to know Him. Like a clear trail in a forest, the names of God lead you deeper into the heart of God. In his book, The Name Quest, John Avery leads us deeper into God’s heart. Enjoy the journey!”

Floyd McClung
International Director, All Nations, which seeks to make disciples and train leaders to ignite church planting movements among the neglected peoples of the earth.


“Encyclopedic in its scope, The Name Quest leaves no “stone” unturned in its author’s search for names, titles and descriptions of the persons of the Trinity found in the Bible. The word  in quotes is a pun intended:  John Avery’s fine volume includes 180 sidebars, two of which list every occurrence of “stone” (“chief cornerstone,” “cornerstone,” “living stone,” “stone,” “stone of Israel,” “stone of stumbling”) in the Old and New Testaments together with the Hebrew/Greek words they represent and the verses where they are found. The other 178 treat similarly every occurrence of each of the many hundreds of other divine names, titles and descriptions (Avery calls them a “kaleidoscope,” a fitting term indeed) in the Bible. The bulk of Avery’s book is given to lively expositions of God’s acts in creation and redemption, his nature, his miracles, his incarnation, his wisdom, his blessing, his relationship to his people, his timelessness, his faithfulness, his love, his justice, his kingdom, his glory—and more. Avery’s writing style is now lively, now challenging, always engrossing. The book leads us through Scripture sometimes chronologically, sometimes theologically. In short, The Name Quest is well worth reading through from cover to cover, and prayerfully at that.”

Ronald Youngblood
Professor emeritus of Old Testament and Hebrew at Bethel University, St. Paul, MN. The author/editor/co-editor of more than twenty volumes, he began his work as a translator/editor of the New International Version in 1970 and continues to serve on its Committee on Bible Translation.


“John Avery has done a masterful job explaining all the biblical names of God in his creative and informative book, The Name Quest. If you’re looking for an exciting Bible study that will help transform you into the image of the heavenly Father, this book is for you. I strongly recommend The Name Quest both for young students of the word and for seasoned ministers.”

Peter J. Iliyn
North American Director, YWAM


The Name Quest, is both light heartedly delightful and deeply thoughtful. It engages the theological mind with a fresh and lively tone. As a First Nations person, I particularly enjoyed the stories which carried the Quest of the book like a tugboat hauling weighty and worthy matters.”

Cheryl Bear-Barnetson
Native Musician and Foursquare Pastoral Overseer, Canada.
Cheryl is from Nadleh Whut’en First Nation in British Columbia. She and her family plan to visit every First Nations community in Canada and the USA re-telling the story of Jesus in a Native way.


“What’s in a name? John Avery takes us on the ultimate exploration of the Ultimate Name. With both exhaustive research and engaging narrative, John’s work and wit will be a blessing to any sojourner’s quest. Layperson, teacher, and serious seeker alike will be challenged and edified.”

Sam Skillern
Salem Leadership Foundation,


“John Avery will take you into a rediscovery of your intimacy with God and into the depths of the Father as you read The Name Quest. As John points out, ‘at every twist, a new perspective on God emerges.’ This is timely and a must read!”

Carl Wills
Core Team leader, Pioneer Network UK


“The theme and direction of The Name Quest captured me because the names of God have been significant in my life. Approaching God’s names from the point of view of relationship with Him is more important than a simple academic study of the meanings and significance of God’s names. The Name Quest is a welcome addition to what is available now. The writing style is engaging, and the illustrations are well placed and helpful. The chapter that focuses on the raising of Lazarus is very good, and the four challenges to faith are well stated and touched me.”

Gordon Bergman
Pastor of Pastoral Care, SalemAllianceChurch, and Leader of SalemNet


“An amazing book! John Avery has managed to weave together a reasoned and scholarly book, which also utilises his gift for story-telling to bring familiar Biblical events to life and a brilliant use of analogy to explain concepts. From its opening pages The Name Quest demonstrates the depth and breadth of the author’s insight into the Biblical narrative, encouraging the reader both to delve into its intricate detail and to step back and consider God’s eternal purposes. It is a book that expands our view of the God who is far beyond the limits of our understanding, but its thought-provoking insights also have the capacity to deeply affect our personal lives in ways that are practical and down-to-earth. The Name Quest is the fruit of years of background study mixed with the author’s own experience of growing in the knowledge of God and His character. It is an absolute treasure trove for all who long to know God more, understand His ways better and become more like Him.”

Liz Woods, MBE
Former member of staff at the Garden Tomb, Jerusalem