The Name Quest – Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Prologue The Camel Brand
The human name quest started in Babel

Introduction A Kaleidoscope of names
God is a multi-faceted personality. He forms us into His image as we allow Him to brand us with His character.

1 What’s in a Name?
Our relationship with God grows as we get to know the character that underlies His names.

2 A Faith Journey
God revealed Himself to Moses as Yahweh and increased his faith so that he could lead Israel out of Egypt.

3 Spectrum of Glory
Exploring the connection between God’s glory and His names. The difference between fear and reverence.

4 Approaching Glory
The God of glory is eternally committed to relationship with us.

5 Scorched Ground
Names that express the holiness and righteousness of God.

6 Pledging Allegiance
The Lord of hosts, the Lord our banner, and other names that reflect God’s supremacy.

7 Intersecting with the Everlasting
We find life’s enduring purpose in partnership with the Eternal God.

8 The Gods Must Be Crazy
If He is God of gods, then who are the gods and how much greater is He than them?

9 Ministry to Foreign Affairs
Jesus’ exclusive claim to be the way, the truth, and the life. And how to explain that awkward name, “Jealous God.”

10 Like Father Like Child
The mission of Jesus: to reveal God as Father and to reconcile us to Him as His adopted children.

11 Satisfied By God
God satisfies thirsty souls. Jesus is the ultimate thirst-quenching fountain.

12 Riding by Faith
Names that celebrate God’s relationships with people. Abraham, Hagar, and David all had relationships with God that open different windows on His character and ways.

13 Getting Personal
God changed Jacob’s character and his name as He revealed more of His own names.

14 The Interpreter
Immanuel is “God with us” in three senses.

15 Welcoming the Good Shepherd
The title “Shepherd” combines many aspects of God into one role.

16 Two Sides of a Coin
Jesus’ divine and human sides are evident in many of His names, especially those mentioned in the nativity stories.

17 Hark the Herald Angel
Why were the Bethlehem shepherds so excited about “a Savior, Christ the Lord”?

18 Four Threads in an Embroidery
Tracing the roots of the messianic titles of Jesus, in particular, Son of David, Son of God, Son of Man, and Servant of the Lord.

19 A Disappointing Messiah
Jesus fell short of most contemporary messianic expectations but He was still God’s Messiah

20 Who Do You Say That I Am?
The names that people called Jesus say a lot about Him—and them.

21 A Matter of Life and Death
Jesus, the Resurrection and the Life, calls everyone to deeper faith.

22 Dominoes to Dominion
Jesus’ resurrection convinced His followers that He is both Lord and Son of God.

23 God’s Saving Art
Many names of God concern salvation and deliverance and they assure us of security in Him.

Epilogue The Long Hallelujah
The name quest reaches its final goal as Babylon burns.