The Kingdom of God: Our Life with Jesus the King


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What is the kingdom of God? Why is the kingdom of heaven such good news for us? And how do we live the kingdom lifestyle? How did Jesus intend us to seek first the kingdom of God?

The Kingdom of God is central to this collection of thirty-eight short devotional Bible studies contemplates those questions and explores our life with Jesus the King. It examines the miracles and message of Jesus about the kingdom, including the Beatitudes, the Sermon on the Mount, and parables like the parable of the sower (also called the parable of the soils or seed) and the mustard seed. The book can be used as a devotional and for group Bible study in a small group or book club. It will help the reader to grow in spiritual maturity by obeying and living the life that Jesus taught and demonstrated because obedience is God’s love language. Living it doesn’t depend on our determination or gifting; in the kingdom business, the King guides us and supplies everything we need to do His will.