The Name Quest: Chapter Excerpts


Read a sample chapter of The Name Quest in pdf. (Three choices.)

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Download a sample chapter of The Name Quest.

Four excerpts are available in pdf:

The Gods Must be Crazy &
Ministry to Foreign Affairs (Chapters 8 and 9 – SEASONAL)

Like Father, Like Child (Chapter 10)

The Interpreter (Chapter 14)

A Matter of Life and Death (Chapter 21)

From the Table of Contents:

8 The Gods Must Be Crazy
If He is God of gods, then who are the gods and how much greater is He than them?

9 Ministry to Foreign Affairs
Jesus’ exclusive claim to be the way, the truth, and the life. And how to explain that awkward name, “Jealous God.”

10 Like Father Like Child
The mission of Jesus: to reveal God as Father and to reconcile us to Him as His adopted children.

14 The Interpreter
Immanuel is “God with us” in three senses.

21 A Matter of Life and Death
Jesus, the Resurrection and the Life, calls everyone to deeper faith.