The Questions of Jesus


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The Questions of Jesus: Questions asked by Jesus, questions people asked Him.The Questions of Jesus cover image

Published October 2022

A collection of fifty-two questions that Jesus asked or that people asked Jesus arranged in two-page chapters.

All come from the Gospels or Acts. The book can be used like a devotional and would work well for group study in a small group or book club. It will help the reader to grow in spiritual maturity. Some of Jesus’ parables are explained because they provide answers to questions or raise questions themselves.
It provides something of a commentary on the most interesting dialogues in people’s interactions with Jesus—people like the Samaritan woman at the well, Nicodemus, and Mary and Martha. Do you wonder what is the unforgiveable sin against the Holy Spirit, or the sign of Jonah? Our Lord’s questions in the Sermon on the Mount are explored and many more too.
Jesus asked questions to engage His listeners or to challenge their thinking. His disciples often wanted to understand Him but sometimes to use Him; His opponents sharpened them as weapons against Him. Some of His questions seem stupid, even rude—they’re not! As always with Jesus, there’s more to everything He said than at first appears. The interactions have lasting value too—for us. What lies behind the questions we sometimes ask God? What do His questions teach us about ourselves? His questions examine us and encourage us to think and live more like Him.

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