Earning a small commission

Earning a small commission.

Whenever someone buys The Name Quest from this website at our normal price and enters a coupon code that you will be assigned, you will receive $2.50 and the buyer will get a $2.50 discount.1 Any shipping and handling costs will be paid by the buyer. The website keeps a record of how many times your coupon code is used. You will receive a check for the accumulated total at the end of the year or whenever it reaches $50, whichever comes first.

The coupon code will work for orders worldwide. However, mailing costs to international addresses are so high that overseas customers2 will often prefer to use local bookstores and Amazon’s international sites. Some links to international sellers will be made available from the product page.

If you would like to sell the books yourself at whatever price you choose, at or below RRP, discounts are available for bulk orders ($10 each for five or more). Simply send us a message saying how many books you would like and we will calculate shipping and invoice you. Because most bookstores order from distributors, you are NOT allowed to sell to commercial bookstores (attempts to do so will result in immediate cancellation of your coupon code).

If you would like your own coupon code, please complete the comment box or send an e-mail to BibleMaturity at gmail dot com. Include your name, e-mail address, mailing address, and a phone number so that we can always find you and mail checks to you. Your e-mailed request for a coupon code is taken as your agreement to these terms.

  1. We reserve the right to review these rates and reduce them slightly as production costs change. []
  2. orders to US Territories and APOs are shipped at domestic rates []