Names of God including the words “shepherd.”

Seven names include the word “shepherd.” For more information, click on the name.

Chief Shepherd

Good Shepherd

Great Shepherd of the sheep

Shepherd (see below)

Shepherd and Guardian of our souls

Shepherd of Israel

The Lord is my shepherd (Jehovah rohi)




The Middle Eastern shepherd of Bible times provides us with one of the fullest descriptions of God in the Bible. The shepherd functioned in many roles toward his sheep; each role helps explain how God relates to us, His people.

The Shepherd (Haro-‘eh) - a name of God pictured in the Hebrew text of Genesis 48:15.

The Shepherd (Haro-‘eh) in the Hebrew text of Gen. 48:15.

The Shepherd in Hebrew:

Haro ‘eh

Strong’s Concordance number: 7462a

Bible references: Gen. 49:24; Eccl. 12:11

When Jacob blessed his twelve sons he got to Joseph and said:

His bow remained firm,
And his arms were agile,
From the hands of the Mighty One of Jacob
(From there is the Shepherd, the Stone of
Israel) (Genesis 49:24)

Similar names for God that liken Him to a Shepherd are the Shepherd of Israel and simply My Shepherd. Jesus is called the Great Shepherd of the sheep, the Chief Shepherd and the Good Shepherd.