There is no one English word that adequately expresses the meaning of the Greek word archēgos. As a result, the different English Bible versions use different words. The general idea is of someone who takes a lead to initiate something. Here are the main variations of three descriptive names of Jesus in the New Testament that use the word archēgos:

Heb. 2:10

Ton archēgon tēs sōtērias

Author of their salvation (New American Standard Bible).

Pioneer of their salvation (The Message Bible, Amplified Bible, and New International Version).

Captain of their salvation (King James Version).

Leader of their salvation (Darby’s Translation and J. B. Phillips).

Source of their salvation (Holman Bible).

Heb. 12:2

Ton tēs pisteōs archēgon kai teleiōtēn

Author and perfecter of faith (New American Standard Bible).

Pioneer and perfecter of faith (New International Version).

Author and finisher of our faith (King James Version).

Leader, Source and Finisher (Amplified Bible).

Leader and completer of faith (Darby’s Translation).

Source and goal of faith (J. B. Phillips).

Acts 3:15

Archēgos tēs zōēs

Prince of life (New American Standard Bible, King James Version, and J. B. Phillips).

Author of life (New International Version, New Living Translation, and The Message Bible).

Originator of life (Darby’s Translation).

Very Source (the author) of life (Amplified Bible).

Source of life (Holman Bible).

Maker of life (Wycliffe Bible).

Acts 5:31

Archēgos kai sōtēr

This phrase is only translated as a single compound name of Jesus in a few versions. For instance “Prince and Savior” (NIV). In other versions the two nouns are treated as separate titles. There is less variety in the translations than in the above examples.

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